Brazilian quartz mines of a high level of purity.

Brazil has the biggest quartz reserve in the world. With a high quality, Brazilian quartz has already been used in several applications.

Most of natural reserves of quartz are found in Brazil. It is already known that Brazil has 95% of the world reserves which is equivalent to 78 millions of tons. The most important reserves in Brazil are mainly located in the state of Minas Gerais which is the main producer of silica in the country.

Nowadays, quartz might be considered as a strategic mineral due to its great application in the technological industry such as Automobile, War, Computer, Civil Construction, Eletric, Eletronics, Home appliance, Medical equipment, Metallurgical, Optics, Chemistry, Watches, Telecommunication and as a silicone segment for household items manufacture and even for the use in aesthetic surgery.

Basic Chemical Composition

> 99,96

< 0.05

> 0.1

> 0.5

> 0.005

Mata Verde Mining has quartz mines of a high level of purity, being able to supply great quantities of mining in different granulometry.

Quartz found in our mines was formulated from hydrothermal veins of Espinhaço’s sandy metasediments and it reports a great purity. Quartz hydrothermal veins are irregular in both form and size, occuring in form of elongated cavities with up to 50 m in width and being extended for hundreds of meters or in the form of dikes or big pools, cutting Pre-Cambrian formations of granites, marble, quartzite or phyllites.

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Being able to supply great quantities of mining in different granulometry.